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Journey Through Grief

Coping with the loss of someone may be one of life’s toughest challenges. Grief can leave you feeling overwhelmed and affect your daily life. You do not have to navigate […]

Anxiety to Calm workshop

Join us for Anxiety to Calm September 5th – October 24th (8-part series). This session is being facilitated by healthcare providers from the LBD PCN and will be held virtually […]

Action Anxiety Day

Saturday, June 10 is #actionanxietyday! Join @anxiety_canada in their mission to promote #anxietyawareness and help break the stigma around anxiety! ⁠ 1 in 4 Canadians are impacted by anxiety every […]

This is a safe space

We are committed to fostering safe and inclusive environments that deeply value diversity, while respecting and acknowledging the contributions of every individual. Our goal is to work within an environment […]

Free Workshops!

Looking to better manage your physical and mental health? 💭 Our workshops and activities provide the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced health professionals. Discover a range of diverse topics […]

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