Our Team

The foundation of any Primary Care Network lies within the family primary care provider–patient relationship.

Family physicians and nurse practitioners are supported by the Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network teams of healthcare professionals who provide support to our patients. These teams include:

Chronic Disease Management Nurses 
The Registered Nurses in the TBC program will assess, educate and support patients with or at risk of chronic disease. As a goal of our program is to promote patient self-management, our centralized RN’s will aim to work with CDM patients for up to 6 months to support self-management skills.

Registered Dietitians
Registered Dietitians (RDs) work with patients with chronic conditions as well as promote healthy eating in various population groups. Patients are provided with nutrition assessment, education, and support for behaviour change.

Exercise Specialist
The Exercise Specialist will accept requests to work with patients to assess current abilities, provide education around the importance of exercise and provide a program specific to the individual health concerns of the patient. Individual or group options can be requested.

Mental Health Therapists
PCN Mental Health Therapists provide brief psychotherapy to patients who present with mild to moderate emotional or psychological issues.

Behavioural Health Consultants
The role of the Behavioural Health Consultant (BHC) is primarily to focus on behavioural modification to achieve improvement in a patient’s physical, emotional, or mental health issue

Care of the Elderly Physician and Geriatric Nurse
The Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network provides a specialized geriatric assessment service for seniors who have chronic, complex health issues.

Through our Specialist Linkages program, patients are able to access specialist clinics within the network, including a psychiatrist and MSK clinic.

Referral Coordinators
Referral coordinators work with family physicians to handle patient referrals to internal and external healthcare providers and specialists.