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Event Series Event Series: Alberta Health Services workshops

Alberta Health Services workshops

June 12, 2023

Better Choices, Better Health® (BCBH®)

Nutrition, physical activity and stress affect your life, especially when living with ongoing health concerns. These workshops will help you discover changes and strategies to help you live healthier. You will learn techniques to control your symptoms, strategies for talking with your health care team, methods for dealing with difficult emotions, options for making your everyday tasks easier, and more.

BCBH®—Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop

For adults living with, or supporting someone, with a chronic health condition.

BCBH®—Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop

For those adults living with, or supporting someone, with chronic pain.

Taking Charge: Daily Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Overview of Diabetes: What happens with Type 2 Diabetes – Cardio(heart), liver, and kidney effects. Triangle Concept: How Diabetes management includes all 3 strategies: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Medication. Blood Glucose (BG) and “A1C”: What are they, and their targets, Importance of testing, BG readings. Health Care Team: Health check resources and best times to have them done.

Taking Charge: Long Term Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes: Blood glucose (BG) measures and monitoring, Medications commonly prescribed for Diabetes, and how they help with BG. Sick Day Management: Tips to stay safe when sick or dehydrated (low intake of fluid) with Diabetes. Health Checks: Why having health checks is important in Type 2 Diabetes Management, including important observation and screening to prevent serious diabetes complications.

Foot Care

Learn how to care for your feet using the INSPECT, PROTECT, PREVENT and CONSULT method. Learn to identify and deal with foot problems associated with diabetes.


Learn about insulin basics, different types of insulins, injection techniques and have a chance to ask your questions.

Diabetes: Healthy Eating

This class introduces the foundation of healthy eating for Diabetes. Join a Registered Dietitian to learn about what are carbohydrates, meal timing and spacing, balanced meals and portions, healthy snacks for Diabetes, the importance of fibre and choosing healthy fats.

Diabetes: Meal Planning

The class for skill building with healthy eating for Diabetes and adding ideal healthy eating strategies into daily life. We highly recommend that participants take the first class (Healthy Eating)however is not required.

Carbohydrate Counting

This class builds on healthy eating strategies you learned about in Healthy Eating Basics for Diabetes. In the carbohydrate counting class, You will learn how many grams of carbohydrate to eat at meals and snacks, the carbohydrate content of various foods and how to add up those foods to create meals. You will also learn how to reading labels to know the carbohydrate content in foods.


Learn how to lower your risk for Type 2 Diabetes through healthy eating, exercise and weight management.

Weight Management Level one (3 session series)

Learn principles of effective weight management. Learn how to increase your physical activity, manage calories and nutrition and develop healthier habits.

Weight Management Level two (3 session series)

Learn how to plan meals, develop a structured physical activity plan and how to deal with thoughts and feelings that affect behaviour change.

Weight Management Level three (3 session series)

Learn how to manage eating away from home, increase knowledge of how to overcome challenges and maintain positive habit changes, and learn about current medication and surgical treatment options.

Minding Stress (2 session series)

Understand the impact of stress and learn steps to build awareness of your stressors. Learn practical stress-management skills to create an effective stress management plan. For any adult or caregiver of adults with any chronic illness.

Boosting Your Brain Health (4 Week Program)

This 4 week program is for adults who are motivated to take action on improving brain health and maintaining an active mind. You will learn how our brains change as a result of our lifestyle and health conditions, new ways to improve our brain health and how to set goals for day to day life that can benefit brain health.

STEP Forward (Supervised Transitional Exercise Program)

This is a ten week physical conditioning program delivered in a small group setting.

This program may be suitable for you if you are ready to:

  • participate in a beginner to intermediate level physical conditioning program; or
  • better manage physical status while living with a chronic health diagnosis; or
  • reintegrate into the community following medical or rehabilitation intervention; or
  • prevent injury by improving physical function

To be considered for the STEP Forward program intake process, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • have a current Alberta Healthcare (AHCIP) number;
  • be able to follow three-step instructions;
  • be able to participate in a group exercise environment;
  • participate in a pre-intake telephone interview;
  • walk independently (with or without the use of walking aids);
  • ready to attend an 10 week exercise program during weekdays, twice per week

Currently offering virtual session

For more information or to self-refer, please call the STEP Forward Intake Line: 780-735-3483


To register…

All classes are offered via zoom platform so can be accessed utilizing a smartphone, laptop or tablet anywhere with internet access.

To register, please visit the Alberta Health Services Education Page.