Blue Monday

Are you still feeling the post-holiday blues? You’re likely not alone. Today is #BlueMonday.

Today is widely considered one of the saddest days of the year as social calendars quiet down, long winter nights continue to bring chilly temperatures.

“For many, (Blue Monday) is a real thing,” says Daniel Liddle, a mental health professional with Primary Care Network.

“Please treat people with kindness and concern. For those whom it directly impacts, please know there is help available. You do not have to endure this alone.”

If you’re feeling…

💙 sadness

💙 despair

💙 uncertain

💙 discouraged

💙 lonely

Alberta Primary Care Networks can help – for a few tips, read our blog post:

Consult your family doctor, arrange a one-on-one appointment with a mental health professional, or attend an in-person/virtual workshop addressing topics ranging from anxiety, grief, and even happiness.

Use Blue Monday as an opportunity to check in with your own mental health.

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