Team-Based Care Program

The Team-Based Care Program works with our member physicians to provide support to patients with a variety of concerns. We have healthcare team members working both in our central Leduc office and within some of our clinics. Registered nurses, registered dietitians, an exercise specialist, behavioural health consultants and mental health therapists support patients through their health journey.  

These team members provide support in these areas: 

Registered Nurses

  • Chronic disease management 

  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes education 

  • Diabetes foot assessment 

  • Insulin starts 

  • COPD education 

  • Asthma education 

  • Hypertension 

  • Dyslipidemia  

  • Tobacco cessation 

Registered Dietitians

  • Chronic disease management 

  • Weight management assessments 

  • Common nutrition related concerns (food allergies and intolerances, healthy eating through the lifespan) 

Exercise Specialist

  • Accesses current abilities  

  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis support 

  • Provides education on importance of exercise 

  • Provides patient-specific exercise programs 

  • Individual and group options

Behavioural Health Consultants

  • Behavioural modification to improve day to day functioning 

  • Improve physical, emotional or mental health issues 

  • Help with common mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, life-stressors, grief, self-esteem, relationship issues, motivation to change behaviours 

Mental Health Therapists

  • Short-term therapy for mild to moderate psychological issues 

  • Group sessions for anxiety, grief and loss 


To access any of our Team-Based Care healthcare professionals, please talk to your PCN family doctor or nurse practitioner.

For detailed information on each of our health care providers, please click on the links to the left.