Registered Nurse

The Registered Nurses in the TBC program will assess, educate and support patients with or at risk of chronic disease. As a goal of our program is to promote patient self-management, our centralized RN's will aim to work with CDM patients for up to 6 months to support self management skills.

Diabetes Education: Assessment of adult patients with type 2 diabetes. Self-management education will be offered in individual and group settings. 

Pre-diabetes education: Assisting patients diagnosed with pre-diabetes to adopt healthy behaviours to reduce risk of developing diabetes.

Insulin start: RNs will assist patients starting insulin under the direction of the PCN referring physician.  Patients with complex needs may be navigated to other agencies.

COPD education: RNs will assess patients with COPD and provide basic education with a focus on action planning to prevent exacerbations. More complex patients will be encouraged to attend the pulmonary rehabilitation program at the Leduc Community Hospital or another location in Edmonton.

Asthma education: RNs will assess patients with asthma and provide self-management support and education. This service will be available for patients aged 6 and over.

Hypertension: Lifestyle and self-management education will be provided as appropriate.

Dyslipidemia: RNs will assess lifestyle factors related to dyslipidemia and provide self-management education and support.

Tobacco Cessation: RNs can support patients with tobacco reduction and cessation through counselling and referral to community programs.

Diabetes foot assessment: The RNs will provide a foot assessment for patients with diabetes. Referral may be made to the high-risk foot clinic.

Currently, we have Registered Nurses working at the centralized Leduc PCN office as well as in the following member clinics:

  • Griffiths Clinic (Leduc)
  • Beaumont Medical (Beaumont)
  • Hospital Medical Clinic (Devon)

In order to access the services of a Registered Nurse, please talk to your family doctor.