Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitians (RDs) work with patients with chronic conditions and promote healthy eating in various population groups. Patients are provided with nutrition assessment, education and support for behaviour change.

Weight management assessment: RD's in the central program provides patients with a comprehensive weight assessment that addresses the factors that contribute to obesity. RD's may continue to see a patient for ongoing support or recommend referral to other team members or agencies.

Nutrition-related conditions: Referrals can be made to the RD's for a variety of nutrition-related conditions throughout the lifespan. Patients may be directed to group sessions for healthy eating or seen on an individual basis, depending on the concern. Dietitians may work with patients for a short time, e.g. 1 or 2 visits and then determine if care can better be provided by another agency. Patients requiring long-term self-management support may work with the dietitian for up to 6 months.

Currently, we have Registered Dietitians working at the centralized Leduc PCN office as well as in the following member clinics:

  • Hospital Medical Clinic (Devon)
  • Associated Medical Clinic (Devon)

In order to access the services of a Registered Dietitian, please talk to your family doctor.