Exercise Specialist

The Exercise Specialist will accept requests to work with patients to assess current abilities, provide education around the importance of exercise and provide a program specific to the individual health concerns of the patient. Individual or group options can be requested. The Exercise Specialist also offers the GLAD Canada program.pdf

Patients referred to group exercise programs will be assessed and placed in a group program for up to 8 sessions. Patients suitable for the group include those with chronic conditions who may need some additional support to get active.

The Exercise Specialist works at the centralized Leduc PCN office; in order to access the services of our Exercise Specialist, please talk to your family doctor. 

Our Exercise Specialist, Adrien, has created a series of home workouts that take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. Hosted on our PCN YouTube channel, these can be accessed at any time. 

PCN YouTube channel.PNG