Behavioural Health Consultant

The role of Behavioural Health Consultant (BHC) is primarily to focus on behavioral modification to achieve improvement in a patient's physical, emotional or mental health issue. The BHC's interventions are brief but occur more frequently to achieve behavioral changes with support. All BHCs both within physician clinics and at the centralized PCN office will see children with their parents, youth, adults and seniors. In addition, the BHCs will assess the need for psychotherapy and refer when appropriate to PCN Mental Health Therapists or navigate and refer the patient to a community resources more suitable in treating their needs. 

Behavioral Health Consultants working in physician's office will comply with clinic standards in respect to patient charting and record keeping. For continuity of care and in the patient's chart (EMR), a brief summary of the interventions, treatment and referrals provided by the BHC. The BHCs that are in the centralized office at the PCN are committed to achieving best practice in communication standards for continuity of care. Physicians will be notified of the outcome to their referral (i.e. appointment booked, declined, etc.) and a summary of the interventions, treatment and coordination of care both to community resources and within the Team-Base Care Program.  

Currently, we have Behavioural Health Consultants working at the centralized Leduc PCN office as well as in the following member clinics:

  • Griffiths Clinic (Leduc)
  • Beaumont Medical Clinic (Beaumont)
  • Hospital Medical Clinic (Devon)
  • Associated Medical Clinic (Devon
  • Devon Medical Clinic (Devon)
  • Willow Family Medicine (Edmonton) 

In order to access the services of a Behavioural Health Consultant, please talk to your family doctor.